Who We Serve - Managers

Mid level managers often describe their position as one that " Has 100% responsibility and 0% authority" to get the job done. They struggle daily with "Top Down" directives from the executive ranks and the "Bottom Up" rancor of the rank and file.

Exacerbating this dilemma is the asynchronous efforts of the team who are competing with one another for your job which often results in poor team performance and divisive behavior within the group.

Our Discovery program will clearly determine whether a "manager's role" is within your True CallingT. There are countless examples where high performers on the individual level have been promoted to management positions where they have failed miserably. (Peter Principle)

Fulfillment for Managers will ensure that prospective clients have a clear delineation of the manager's role and their probability for success within it.

The fulfillment process will gauge both the generic and the specific skill sets, as well as the experience and personality types that you will do well in. We will align your profile with numerous benchmarks such as:

  • Management skills
  • Strengths
  • Passions and Interests
  • Verbal and Written communications
  • Planning aptitudes
  • Dynamic monitoring and assessment
  • Coaching capabilities
  • Conflict resolution ability
  • Upward management suggestions
  • Downward management delegation
  • Creative processing and ideation

Clearly, there are some brilliant people that should never be put into management roles. Not only do they fail in these positions but they also mitigate their opportunity to maximize their integral strengths in other areas resulting in a lose / lose for both the organization and the individual.

The Dynimus Discovery Program will clearly illustrate your strengths and weaknesses around "managing", and the Dynimus Fulfillment Program will set the stage for success based upon your strengths, passions and skill set and the company job description.

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