Step 1 - "Your" Discovery Program...

Your Discovery Program is a proprietary methodology developed by Dynimus to help you efficiently and effectively Discover your True Calling™. We guarantee it.

We use 3 top tier assessments and a focused validation process, including a full 360 degree, "third party perspective" analysis, that will help you identify, validate and understand your:

  • Strengths - Your unique hardwiring; your Career DNA.
  • Passions & Interests - Your purpose; what you care about most!
  • Values & Lifestyle - Your reality and your potential.

Throughout this process you will identify and develop major themes that have influenced your career and your life. Connecting the dots between these themes will lead you to your greatest career fulfillment and energy source. This is Your True Calling™!

Discovering your True Calling™ puts you ahead of 80% of the population and allows you and your Specialist to now develop a specific, individualized strategy for the fulfillment of your True Calling!

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