What Clients Are Saying...

"I want to thank you for encouraging me and helping me to discover there really is no reason I can't make my dream come true.  I feel I owe you a great debt for awakening this in me."

-Pip Fisher

"Well my friends...  Here it is at long last the REALLY big leap of faith!  Please pass along to whomever you feel appropriate and I hope I will see some/all of you on the 11th.

Thank you... True Calling (Dynimus) was the beginning that helped me formulate the dream!

Best Always!"

-Ruth Cole

"The program opened my window of opportunity to a much larger perspective than I would have originally envisioned. One of the highlights was uncovering an opportunity and doing the initial ground work to start a small business that would leverage my business strengths and personal goals and passions. This particular opportunity did not work out, but it was a tremendous learning experience and has my mind thinking in a different way to explore ventures that I could create and operate."

-Mike Queen

"I now understand my strengths better than I have in the past. I realize that, although my sales skills are strong, I have been employed in the wrong industry for the past 20 years. The opportunity for self-discovery through assessment tests and consultation along with guiding me to find my True Calling while playing to my personal strengths was very worthwhile. The Holiday Get-together of Alumni was an enjoyable experience as well."

-George Oliver

"I just wanted to take some time to thank you for all of your help, you really helped me to find my true passions and interests relating to my career!  I am currently working for the company that bought the Ball Wireless division doing some Product Management.  It's exciting work with plenty of opportunity.

I would again like to sincerely thank you for all of your insight, you have really helped me find a suitable and exciting career path!  I look forward to meeting with you again in the near future! 

Thanks again."

- Joshua M. Stewart
Product Manager
Arc Wireless Solutions, Inc.

"I can't thank you enough for our time together. I'm so energized and LOVE the idea of working toward my strengths. It really helps to know where to put my energies."

-Linda Strohkorb

"I can't tell you how much it means to have your support. I'll let you know if I need anything..."

-Sheila Christianson
Author & Grief Recovery Coach

"I started my own consulting business company and operated in the black with in 6 months of start-up. My wife was working and the income has allowed her not to have to work to meet our expenses. I used to have a problem taking time off from work but with my own company I have been able to help aging parents, re-locate closer to family, and I have taken more time off in the last two years than I ever have in the past for vacations and weekend getaways. I have developed new areas of business interests that have been financially rewarding and allowed me to work with and for some very fine organizations."

-Greg Best
Consultant, Kansas City

"Thanks again for all you help in developing my resume, I really appreciate
your suggestions and the help you gave all of our group in determining our
career objectives and the strategy to get there.  I thought our sessions were
very valuable.  I will try to keep you posted on the results of my job search
as it progresses."

-Joyce Terry

"You gave me some fabulous advice and I appreciate it.

Here is a draft of my resume using your format which I do like.  I will work on my bio in the meantime.

Thanks again!"

-Khanh Nguyen

"For me, the highlight of the program was the analysis of my personality and the explanation of how these traits would apply to potential careers. It enabled me to more thoroughly examine the potential careers I could pursue and to determine whether or not I'd enjoy a career in a certain field based on my personality traits and interests."

-Bryan Murphy

"I just graduated from chef school last Sunday, and will spend the summer working an internship at Three Tomatoes Catering. After that...I'm on my own, and I can't wait. I've made a great start in the catering business already. I have you to thank for agreeing with me that the idea I had could be made real."

-Mary Fabrikant

"The Program is excellent. It gave me the insight and confidence through affirmation of my own personality and strengths - which then allowed me to make a serious career change from employee to entrepreneur."

-Jan Knibbe
Camerata Homes

"Just to let you know, I think I will be opening Saturday.  Their a little behind, probably two days.  Anyway, plan on stopping down sometime.  Feel free to bring the family.  I wanted to thank you for sending down Keith.  His timing could not have been any better and I think that it worked out much better than the suggested franchise IT representative.  I really like the guy."


-Kevin Swaney
Owner, CapuVino

"Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening!  Patty and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I was amazed at the number of people I knew either through your network or the real estate community." 

-Randy Garfield

"I have never known what I wanted to do in my career. While I have had ideas, I have never had any confidence in my ability to follow through. After working with this team I now have the confidence to go forward because I know what it is that I am supposed to do."

-Jeremy Van Essen
College Student