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Significance Versus Success

The infamous "Pig through the Python" phenomena of 78 Million Boomers turning 50, changing careers, seeking new aspirations and vacating traditional career positions will leave an immense gap in the workforce.

Corporate America will now be faced with a "sellers market" and will be investing much more into employee acquisition and retention for the future.

Already, we are seeing signing bonuses, new perks and lifestyle accommodations to attract the Generation Y professionals who have different notions of where work and play intersect in their respective lives.

Moreover, this represents a burgeoning segment in the individual business category. There are over 10,000 Boomers turning 50 per day and they are all entering a transitional phase. Moreover, these Boomers are a unique group and need to be managed differently than the middle aged professional who is going through "occupause."

The Boomer Program:

Dynimus has designed a comprehensive transition process for Boomers phasing out of their perfunctory career roles and into their desirable state of self actualization and meaningful purpose.

Increasing numbers of Boomers are establishing personal "Mission Statements" for the first time after doing corporate mission statements for 25 years. Dynimus takes you through a comprehensive series of three different assessment tools which guarantees a "Discovery Process" that allows you identify, verify and sanctify your "True Calling."

"Significance versus Success"

The next step is a fulfillment process that is designed specifically for Boomers who are looking for seismic fulfilling shifts within their lives. The fulfillment program is customized to each client but will process through the following exercises:

  • Articulates your personal "Mission Statement"
  • Helps you identify your strengths and passions
  • Encourages you to dream big
  • Assists you in letting go of your career ball and chains
  • Guides you through the "What if's"
  • Identifies the Gaps between "Wishes and Wants"
  • Identifies your optimal vision and goals
  • Develops a strategic path for your fulfillment
  • Enumerates a specific, step by step execution plan
  • Monitors monthly progress to fulfillment and significance

"Transformation versus Transition"

Do you have a well crafted personal "Mission Statement" for the rest of your life. If not, please call us regarding the Boomer Realignment Program so that we can help you on the recovery plan for a meaningful future.

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