Who We Serve - The Business Owners Program:

This program allows business owners and management teams to focus on "the business of their business" including their strengths, passions and business drivers.

Our "Discovery and Fulfillment" processes are offered up on an individual by individual or organization by organization basis and can be customized for specific individuals or levels within any organization.

A consultative “Macro” approach is recommended to supplement and enhance the individual (Micro) processes.

We drive excellence within individuals on a case by case basis. A consultative oversight is required if we are to maximize the performance for the company and team as a whole.

Therefore, we highly recommend that the Dynimus group be engaged in an overarching process to ensure that the “Individual Discovery” revelations are appropriately internalized and integrated into the strategic platform of the organization for optimal fulfillment.

Product Descriptors

  • Individual Assessment
  • Team Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Owner Coaching
  • Performance Enhancement
  • 80/20 Focus

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