The Dynimus Outplacement Program is ...

Unlike any other outplacement program in the industry because it is built on the foundation of the Dynimus Discovery Program.

The Dynimus Outplacement Program is a program that provides the individual with a "full coverage" approach to their career moving forward.

  • We "recover" the confidence lost in an outplacement by:
    • Dealing with emotions associated with outplacement
    • Illuminating the possibilities of going forward
    • Reestablishing the confidence in one's self to take control
  • We "uncover" the strengths, skills, knowledge, expertise and potential that have been either forgotten, underused or unrecognized.
    • Through one-on-one discussions we identify the themes within an individual's career that were most significant to their achievement, success and fulfillment.
    • We establish an environment that allows the individual to consider the possibilities again.
  • We "discover" the individual's true career direction and the strategy to fulfill it.
    • Through the Discovery Program, we discover the individual's strengths, ideal environment, interests, passions and desired lifestyle.
    • We develop and implement a focused strategic plan of action to fulfill their True Calling™.

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