Employee Fulfillment Program

Unlike any other company in the industry, Dynimus works with each client to build a customized Employee Fulfillment program around the uniqueness of each client's True Calling.

We don't just work on your resume and then give you a mailing list. We have an extensive menu of resources and programs available that range from Company Research and Marketing Documents to Interviewing and Negotiation Tips.

We also have a "one-of-a-kind" Alumni Referral Program that immediately expands a clients networking reach and helps you to avoid most cold calls. Your Employee Fulfillment Program is yours to create based upon your needs and your budget. Here is a partial list of our Employee Fulfillment Program services:

  • Your Strategy
  • Your Strategic Timeline
    • Goal Setting and Timeline
  • Marketing Documents
    • Resumes
    • Biographies
    • Cards
    • References
  • Industry and Company Research
  • Networking
    • Practice Your Pitch
    • Your Network
    • Our Alumni Network
    • The Public Network
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Formal Interviewing
  • Negotiations
  • Fulfillment!

We're excited about creating an Employee Fulfillment Program just for you!

Contact us today for program and pricing details.