What Clients Are Saying...

"Thank you for the outpouring of help and opportunity you provided for each of our employees the last couple of days. You were able to connect with employees in such a short time and I'm confident your services will be invaluable to us."

-Judy Rice
Metal Packaging International

"I have absolutely realized the power behind personality and strengths assessing. It has helped me not only understand myself more clearly but also given me great insight into how my employees tick and why. Your program has and will continue to be a part of my life and my company's Human Resources activities. Your program ensures that my time working, living, hiring, and employeeing good people is not wasted."

-Zack Palmer
Co-founder / COO
Performax Stone

"Dynimus is the best soft skill consultant organization I have had the privilege to build a relationship with in my 14 years of experience in training..they have made a positive impact not only on our employees careers, but have made our company a more effective and efficient company. Dynimus's positive "can do" attitude makes them very easy to work with. They are the most customer service driven company I have worked with in years. They care and believe in what they do."

Project Manager,
Aerospace Industry

"Well, one year later, I am finally getting to move into a Systems Administrator position.  Thanks again for all your advice in the class and resume polishing!"

-Mark Sallee
Ball Aerospace

"I was pleasantly surprised with the process. As a watchdog for a program, I think this provided me with a great basis for our membership.

Finding out about myself on a more professional and personal level was very beneficial as well."

-Geoff Hixson
Vice President, Major League Baseball Players Association

"The process was very good. I needed a tutor to help me through the process, and you provided that."

-Robart Goddard
Mid-West Consulting, Kansas City

"I very much enjoyed working with you. Your process really helped crystallize a lot of things."

-Randy Fralick
Ernst & Young, Denver

"After the program, I feel that I have a clearer path. If I apply what I learned about myself and the company I work for, I should be able to reach my goal. I was able to understand more of what makes me tick, and why I sometimes feel out of place. I also found out that I will have to exit my comfort zone to achieve my goals.

Boyd Pitcher
Ball Aerospace

"The Strengths Profile was new to me, and provided an interesting insight into the type of person I am and the situations I am most comfortable with.

I learned that although changing careers is a big step, the only thing holding me back from that big step is me. I have the skill sets and strengths for many career options; but I must be willing to accept the risk of trying something new."

-Rebecca, Aerospace Industry

"I've sent some of my staff through this program and marveled at the changes in them. I knew there was something I needed to learn from the program as well..going through it personally, I achieved my objectives and much more. I think I got a lot of personal value from the program, and I think the company got their money's worth. In the long run, I think both the company and I will continue to reap future value for a long time to come."

Manager, Aerospace Industry

When The Bonham Group was in the process of hiring a seasoned sales executive I turned to Dynimus to help provide us with insights on this executive's personality and strengths.

Because this position is critical to our company we couldn't afford to miss on making this hire. Utilizing the services of Dynimus was exactly what we needed and the results have been dead on.

Not only did the information make us more comfortable in hiring the executive, we have used the information to help get to know this person on a much faster track than is the norm. In fact, within the first six weeks I have been able to tweak the position to better suit the executive's strengths (which has also been welcomed by the executive).

There is no doubt that Dynimus provides a valuable service and they do it with integrity while providing first class service to their clients.

Rob Vogel, President and COO, The Bonham Group

This evaluation process has been conducted on three new employees of ours, and I believe that it has been very helpful not only as a resource for the hiring manager, but also it has proven a very valuable tool for the potential employee as well. I have gotten feedback from our employees and they feel the evaluation to be enlightening and informative for them from both a personal and professional perspective. I will keep you posted as our hiring needs increase, and I will certainly continue to involve you in the hiring process, as your program has proven very effective and helpful.

Rick McKinney Manager,
VTC Services

Everyone who went through the Team Fit Program found it to be of great value.  It did not take much time and made a major difference in our effectiveness.

The individual analysis helped each person identify, understand and maximize their strengths and manage their weaknesses. Additionally, it helped each of us understand one another quicker, so we could become an intertwined and effective team.

Given the fact that our team was thrown together over a short period of time, it was important to me that everyone get on a fast track of, "know your co-manager, know your people" in weeks vs. months.

-John Taylor
Chairman & CEO WAVMAX

Nathan's work to help me regain my confidence after a surprising layoff was the most important part of the program. Without his support, knowledge and guidance through this most difficult of times, I don't know how I would have gotten through the process. He restored my sense of confidence and esteem. His ideas and knowledge of the interview process helped me ace a critical interview that ultimately produced the job offer that I had been wanting. Quite literally, he "brought me back from the brink" of despair and I can't thank him enough for helping me get through the career transition.

Some of the exercises we went through that seemed to be off target for achieving my goals at the time. After I got my next position, I realized that it was part of the "rebuilding" process to gain my confidence back, but at the time it seemed distracting and unrealistic.

-Neil Abramson

The traffic on Thursday was a nightmare but I was smiling the whole way out of town and onto the highway. I'm very glad I turned up to the seminar you gave, and I'm excited at the possibilities on the horizon instead of just worried about the immediate future.

All of a sudden I'm picturing myself saying "I was caught in a downsizing..." in response to questions about how I started a bike business.

-Dominic Green