Dynimus Career Coaching

Dynimus Career Coaching is deliberately coaching a client to improve their performance and emotional engagement in their career.

We begin by assessing every client to discover their “Career DNA”.  This is accomplished efficiently and effectively in our Discovery Program which results in an accurate profile of their communication style, strengths, preferences, and even challenges.    

Armed with this knowledge we can now coach with validity based upon the individual’s hardwiring because we know what energizes them and where they perform at their best.

By working in partnership with the individual and their board or manager we assist with implementing a strategy to removing roadblocks to their success and to maximizing their performance. 

We offer classes and individual coaching in the following areas:         

  • Executive Coaching
  • Manager Coaching
  • Employee Coaching

At Dynimus we pride ourselves on our ability to customize any of our programs to fit your business needs. Contact us for program and pricing details.

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